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WHY ? Because this is exactly how babies and young children learn their own native language: they LISTEN and they REPEAT, and, by doing this, they gradually put the bits and pieces together (what we grown-ups call grammarsyntax and vocabulary) and they start making sentences of their own. Do they bother with grammar books ??? NO, they don’t ! And neither should you! Young children can’t even read, yet they can still speak ! Trust me: I know this first hand because this is exactly how I learned(US)/learnt(UK) English and French as a baby and young child. And this is exactly how you learned(US)/learnt(UK) your own native language as a baby and young child (remember ?). No grammar books, no boring theory, just listening to, and watching, your parents, TV and your immediate environment … and repeating … again and again.


So, LET MY VOLUMES SPEAK TO YOU, LISTEN to the MP3 AUDIOS and REPEAT what they tell you. You will learn by trial and error. You will stumble, you will fall. You will make mistakes. You will mispronounce. You will not be perfect immediately, just like a baby or a small child that’s learning its native language. But you know this is the best way to learn: practice makes perfect !


Add WRITTEN MATERIAL  (the VOLUMES) to the MP3 audios and not only will you improve your pronunciation and word stress, you will also learn to SPELL PROPERLY  a vital part of learning a language, which shouldn't be overlooked, especially if you want to avoid parroting words and sentences without fully understanding their structure. Obviously, you are no longer a child and you want to UNDERSTAND HOW THE LANGUAGE WORKS so that you can ultimately build your own RATIONAL sentences and speech. That's why my volumes include boxes where potential traps, tricky grammar points and lexical subtleties are explained clearly, always based on concrete examples - sentences, dialogs(US)/dialogues(UK) & texts.