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What does the product ACTUALLY look like ??


 1 TOPIC for ex., eating out & food / SKILL for ex., presenting & negotiating                                               <=> 1 VOLUME or BOOK(LET) + mp3 AUDIOS (in English AND in French, to download FOR FREE)

 in each volume or book(let): EVERYTHING YOU NEED in order to become operational IN REAL SITUATIONS

1. Detailed tables of contents

2. Comprehensive glossaries

3. Useful sentences

4. Realistic dialogs(US)/dialogues(UK)

5. Texts

6. Explanatory boxes

Tricky grammar

Lexical subtleties

7. Make the most of your WEASEL® VOLUMES

Once you have picked one (or several) WEASEL® VOLUMES (depending on the topics and/or specific skills you need to work on):


 Start by having a quick look at the TABLE OF CONTENTS to spot the topics/skills/sections and/or sub-sections you want to prioritize and only focus on those items.


 DO NOT TRY TO MEMORIZE EVERYTHING; just tick the words/items you want to prioritize in each section; you can then try to memorize more items, later, once you have become more confident and improved your overall level.


 Bear in mind that you MUST REVISE on a regular basis so as to keep up your level and continue to improve. A language has to live; constant revision and practice are essential...