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FRENCH/ENGLISH BY TOPIC:                                               WEASEL® VOLUMES + 100% FREE mp3 AUDIOS!

... available on ...

... for ...

... English speakers (ALL LEVELS) looking to learn some "real", authentic French by TOPIC (general, professional, leisure ... EVEN SLANG!!)

... NOT for you if ...

... you think you can learn a language "easily" (that's just cheap marketing!)

... you're happy just "surviving"

... you think you can "speak" without ever learning any vocabulary or assimilating any grammar or conjugation

... you think it should all be free; sorry: quality comes at a price, even though ALL MP3 AUDIOS are 100% FREE and easy to download RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW ;-); moreover, the black & white paper copies are CHEAPER than the color(US)/colour(UK) versions and the Kindle ebooks are HANDIER

... you're lazy; sorry: my method will help you improve FAST - NOT effortlessly

Different LEVELS, different USES

My WEASE material is suitable for ALL LEVELS, from low elementary to advanced. However, depending on your level, you shouldn't use it in the same way: elementary levels should focus on essential points whereas upper intermediate & strong levels should try to memorize more items. Be a sharp, self-sufficient & involved learner !